aalto finlandia 251 wht xz

aalto finlandia white 251mm

alvar aalto for iittala
The taller finlandia style vase was introduced in the Spring of 2003 to cater to contemporary taller stem flower arrangements.

It is hard to imagine today the waves Alvar Aalto's Savoy vase caused in 1936.  Alvar Aalto entered a competition to find pieces for the Finnish pavilion at the 1937 Paris World's Fair.  He entered the Aalto vase under the pseudonym "Eskimo woman's leather breeches" [not really sure where THAT came from...]
Its mysterious form stood in total opposition to the accepted machine centred thinking of the time. The rest is history ...the Aalto vase now stands as one of the most celebrated design icons of the Century.  Timeless, elegant design, the Aalto shape reflects the lakes in Finland, holding water in your home the way the lakes are cocooned within the mountains.
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    aalto bowl 40x136 clear aalto dish clear 13.6cm
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    aalto finlandia 251 clr aalto finlandia clear 251 mm
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    aalto finlandia 251 wht aalto finlandia white 251mm
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    aalto vase 200 white aalto savoy white 200mm
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    aalto savoy 95 white aalto savoy white 95mm
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    iittala products sold at top3 by designiittala
    The heart of Iittala's design philosophy is formulated along Kaj Franck's early thinking. According to Franck, "objects should always be appropriate, durable and functional." This is why one of the most important functions of design is to make sure that objects designed for everyday use should be universally usable.

    Even earlier than Franck, Alvar Aalto made waves in the 1930s when the now iconic Aalto vase was first presented at the Paris World Exhibition. With this mysterious form he made a revolutionary statement against industrial production that failed to meet human needs.

    The Iittala design philosophy defines the principles behind the product development. These principles include, in addition to pure functionalism, the qualities of essentialism and emotionalism, which ensures that all objects are both highly usable and that their design will remain relevant in the long-term. For 'lasting everyday design against throwawayism', we create eternally relevant and contemporary design that responds to universal human needs.

    It is in the natural flow of things, however, that all objects will not last forever; they might break or colours and sizes in the assortment might change. But as all Iittala objects are designed to be combinable, even though all variations might not be offered all the time, any new purchases will still fit with existing and future Iittala objects. This allows you to build and refresh your own personal Iittala collection endlessly over time.

    Less is more. Mies van der Rohe's legendary statement has become even more relevant to our planet today. Is it relevant to you? In that case, you might want to follow us and refuse throwawayism.
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    Alvar Aalto products sold at top3 by designAlvar Aalto
    Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) was born in Kuortane, Finland.

    Aalto is often considered to be one of the core figures in International Modernism. His original style and unique talents have enabled his name to endure as one of the greatest names in modern architecture and design. During his career, he designed many buildings in different parts of the world: concert halls, libraries, hospitals, museums, and private homes, including the Villa Mairea. His furniture and lamps, often starting out as a part of the buildings he designed, are produced together with Finnish Artek.

    The Aalto vase was unveiled at the Paris World Fair in 1936 - and remains one the most recognizable design icons of our age.
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