gift ideas for baby showers + christenings

give something that the new mum + dad will love too!
knit rattles blossom knit rattles blossom
areaware alphabet blocks areaware alphabet blocks
lifefactory 4oz - 118ml pink lifefactory 4oz - 118ml pink
dwell stamp kit zoo dwell stamp kit zoo
wally ruler natural wally ruler natural
childhood carriage blue childhood carriage blue
childhood carriage white childhood carriage white
cico eggcup yellow cico eggcup yellow
knit numbers set of 10 in bag knit numbers set of 10 in bag
mozartkugel music orb beech mozartkugel music orb beech
knit rattles dove knit rattles dove
lifefactory 4oz - 118ml green lifefactory 4oz - 118ml green
flensted the wisest owls flensted the wisest owls
childhood carriage pink childhood carriage pink
my escape cloud book case my escape cloud book case
cico eggcup blue cico eggcup blue
lifefactory 9oz - 260ml ocean lifefactory 9oz - 260ml ocean
flensted circular bunnies flensted circular bunnies
NM ducky oak NM ducky oak
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