top3 by design catalogue
Summer Catalogue
2014 - 2015

Unfold Purple

Arrow hanger white

Normann Copenhagen Brick

Dropp bowl purple

Chilewich Azure

Brights - Purple Turquoise and Pink

Lift the vibrancy level with some brights! Create a fresh and invigorating nook that is vibrant and fresh. Too much of a single palette can start to look tired. Pick a primary base and add smaller amounts of the vibrant accent colours. Here we have started with a base of turquoise and white, then added purple and pink as the accents. Tiny new additions can make your existing colours sing!

To go table design letters

Dibbern candle pink

Aalto white

Missoni Pretoria

Kivi water green

Block Lamp white

manhattan tray - white

Krenit Turquoise

Crawl White

Match purple

Eva Solo Orchid Pot - white

Normann Copenhagen Brick

Step mini white

Top3 carries up to 3 products per category, the best in the world by merit of design.
bath towels - ninnho bath towel
bath towels - remember bath towels
bath towels - missoni home bath

bath towels
bathroom accessories - norm bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories - eva solo bathroom collection
bathroom accessories - lunar bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories
ipad cases - ipad sleeves
ipad cases - bosign ipad sleeve
ipad cases - native union gripster

ipad cases
jugs - vacuum jugs - eva solo pump jugs
jugs - vacuum jugs - magnussen vacuum jugs
jugs - vacuum jugs - kontra vacuum jug

jugs - vacuum jugs
picnic rugs - love rugs
picnic rugs - gd picnic rugs
picnic rugs - suk uk picnic rug

picnic rugs
vases - classic - stelton tangle vase
vases - classic - fink four season vases
vases - classic - aalto

vases - classic
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